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Top 5 worst winters in the UK
13 September 2022
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Top 5 worst winters in the UK

I’m sure you have seen plenty of ‘winter is coming’ captions from companies but, winter is coming, and it can throw up all sorts of weather conditions and issues for the UK.

Top 5 winter facts that will shock you
31 August 2022
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Top 5 winter facts that will shock you

During winter, you need to be prepared for many surprises. From snowfall to frozen pavements, it’s one of the most unpredictable seasons of the year.

Before we face the unpredictability, we’ve found the five most interesting facts that you need to know about winter.

Different Types of Salt Spreaders
1 December 2021
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The different types of salt spreaders: Which one is the best for your business?

Spreading salt isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, but it is important. In most cases, it is a legal requirement for business owners to properly grit their land. It can also help you avoid any expensive injury claims if you ensure your business is properly maintained over the cold winter months. Let's look at the key facts about salt spreaders, the different types and why they are so important to a business.
How to beat the winter freeze: A closer look at ProBrine
8 November 2021
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How to beat the winter freeze: A closer look at ProBrine

With winter around the corner, it is crucial to be prepared for the worst conditions we can face in the UK. Snow and ice often grind the country to a halt. Making sure you have the correct materials to deal with it can be crucial. We have looked at one item that we find is popular during this time of the year, probrine. It is an alternative to standard salt and has slowly become the norm for dealing with snow and ice.
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