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21 May 2024
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A Complete Guide to Cable Management with Cable Covers

Cable covers also contribute to the longevity of your cables by protecting them from physical damage, wear, and tear so there are lots of reasons why you should consider using them. Discover the types of cable covers available as well as how to choose the right cable cover for your needs plus, any other questions you might have.

How to store drinking water long-term
15 May 2024
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How to store drinking water long-term

You may want to store drinking water at home if there is a planned interruption to your water supply. Alternatively, it is common practice for many event organisers to store drinking water for events. Whatever the reason, storing drinking water is perfectly safe provided you have taken the correct steps to do so. In this guide, we'll be taking a closer look at how you safely store drinking water.

10 May 2024
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A Guide to Grit Bins in the UK

Our grit bin guide includes everything you need to know about grit bins, how to find and use them, where to buy grit bins, and how to understand the contents and management of council grit bins. First, we’ll review the basics of grit bin ownership and grit bin usage. 

8 May 2024
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A Guide to Food Grade Plastic

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive insight into food-grade plastic, exploring how this category differs from ‘food-safe’ and discussing those plastics that meet the ‘food-grade’ standards.
6 May 2024
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A Guide To Smoking Shelter Regulations In The UK

The Smoking Ban was brought in to ensure that businesses take actions to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of smoking. This article will outline the regulations, the benefits of providing a place for employees and visitors to smoke and what to look for when buying smoking shelters for your business.

3 May 2024
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A guide to storing petrol

If you need to store petrol, you must know how to do so safely. Whether you need to store it for your business, farm, car, van or boat, or even for garden equipment such as a lawnmower, petrol needs to be stored safely. In our guide, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about storing petrol safely. We outline what to do if fuel catches fire, the law surrounding storing petrol at work and at home plus our top tips to follow these laws and help you store petrol safely.
29 April 2024
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What is a bunded oil tank and do you need one?

A bunded oil tank is a way to safely and securely store oil, whether it be petrol, diesel or agricultural fuels. The bunded tank is double-skinned, meaning it is a tank inside a tank. The surrounding space acts as a failsafe to catch oil leaks or spills from the core container.

As a reputable supplier of bunded oil tanks, at Kingfisher Direct, we can advise and support businesses in choosing the best equipment for the customers’ needs.

25 April 2024
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An Introduction to Forklift Safety: UK Rules and Regulations

Effective safety and performance both start by sourcing forklifts, lifting equipment and industrial supplies from a reputable supplier like Kingfisher Direct. We are happy to share our expertise and experience in this area to ensure you can buy forklifts and the associated equipment that match your operational needs business aims, and safety standards.
19 April 2024
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The Best Jerry Cans For Storing Fuel

A ‘Jerry can’ is a widely recognised term used for a container specifically engineered to hold fuel. We have looked closely into jerry can design and construction to offer you the best modern fuel storage solutions.
9 April 2024
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Should IBC Tanks Be Insulated?

While IBC insulation can be used as a proactive measure to address this vulnerability, its suitability may raise questions. If you’re unsure about whether IBC tanks should be insulated, delve into our comprehensive article.
2 April 2024
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What is an IBC tank?

Intermediate bulk containers, also known as IBC tanks or IBC totes, are an incredibly useful storage. They come in a range of sizes, types and materials, each with their own unique benefits. In this article, we'll take a closer look at exactly what IBCs are, what they are made of and what they are commonly used for. 

Our top 5 Snow Shovels
22 November 2022
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Our top 5 Snow Shovels

Based on what we have seen from past winters in the UK, it’s more than likely that we will be experiencing snow at some point during the coming months. Preparation is the key at this time of the year, and having the right equipment for the job, makes all the difference.

5 things your business needs to do before winter
10 October 2022
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5 things your business needs to do before winter

The key to mastering the winter months as a business is preparation. If you prepare well, you’ll find winter a breeze, but if you fail to prepare, you’ll limp through the winter months. But what do you need to do to make sure you’re prepared for winter? We’ve got a complete checklist ready, so you don’t have to. 

Top 5 worst winters in the UK
13 September 2022
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Top 5 worst winters in the UK

I’m sure you have seen plenty of ‘winter is coming’ captions from companies but, winter is coming, and it can throw up all sorts of weather conditions and issues for the UK.

Top 5 winter facts that will shock you
31 August 2022
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Top 5 winter facts that will shock you

During winter, you need to be prepared for many surprises. From snowfall to frozen pavements, it’s one of the most unpredictable seasons of the year.

Before we face the unpredictability, we’ve found the five most interesting facts that you need to know about winter.

Fun and useful alternatives for a Grit Bin in your workplace
22 June 2022
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Fun and useful alternatives for a Grit Bin in your workplace

The sun is breaking through and winter is a distant memory. For now at least. This means your grit bin has likely become redundant, stored away in the dark recesses of your warehouse, storage cupboard or office during the warmer months. What if we told you that you could reuse your grit bin around the office? Here are some of our favourite ways to reuse your grit bin during the warmer periods.
Keep cautious: Understanding the dos and don’ts of snow and ice clearing in public spaces
16 March 2022
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Keep cautious: Understanding the dos and don’ts of snow and ice clearing in public spaces

When bad weather arrives, making sure paths and roads are clear and safe is important. This is where the confusion of who the responsibility falls on to clear streets and roads arises. 
As a business owner, you want to make sure your land is safe to avoid slips or trips for employees and visitors. Do you know what is the council's responsibility to clear? Do you know what is your responsibility to clear?

Getting to know rock salt and grit
17 February 2022
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Getting to know rock salt and grit

The UK weather can be temperamental. One day it’s clear, the next it’s raining, and the day after it's icy. You need to make sure you are ready for anything.

Arguably the most difficult weather condition to manage is snow and freezing temperatures. To make things that bit more complicated, the products used to prevent ice aren’t the easiest to get your head around.

Grit bin guide
8 December 2021
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Grit and grit bins 101: What you need to know

The weather in the UK has well and truly taken a turn over the past month, with the milder weather replaced by freezing cold winds. As such, we expect to see more ice and snow hitting our areas soon so being prepared for the coldest of conditions is crucial.

Top 5 weather websites
2 December 2021
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The top 5 weather websites to check your local weather to prepare your business

Keeping up to date with the weather is arguably as important as keeping up to date with the news. Most of us will have a weather app or website saved on phones or computers. Whether these sites are accurate or useful is up for debate but, most of the time they will get the weather right, kind of.
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