Fun and useful alternatives for a Grit Bin in your workplace

The sun is breaking through and winter is a distant memory. For now at least. This means your grit bin has likely become redundant, stored away in the dark recesses of your warehouse, storage cupboard or office during the warmer months.

What if we told you that you could reuse your grit bin around the office?

Here are some of our favourite ways to reuse your grit bin during the warmer periods.

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Keep Cautious: Understanding the Dos and Don’ts of Snow and Ice Clearing in Public Spaces

clearing snow and ice

When bad weather arrives, making sure paths and roads are clear and safe is important. This is where the confusion of whom the responsibility falls on to clear streets and roads arises. 

As a business owner, you want to make sure your land is safe to avoid slips or trips for employees and visitors. Do you know what is the council’s responsibility to clear? Do you know what is your responsibility to clear?

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Grit and grit bins 101: What you need to know

Grit bin guide

The weather in the UK has well and truly taken a turn over the past month, with the milder weather replaced by freezing cold winds. As such, we expect to see more ice and snow hitting our areas soon so being prepared for the coldest of conditions is crucial. 

With some help from our customer service and sales team, we have put together a short 101 on grit bins and grit based on questions they get asked by our customers around this time of year.  

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Salt mines around the world

Salt mines around the world

Most people think salt is simply to add flavour to meals and to be used as a food preservative. However, only 6% of all salt manufactured goes into food. We use salt in over 14,000 different ways from making products such as paper, plastic, glass, polyester and rubber to household soap, bleach, dyes and detergents. Another common use of salt is to treat icy roads and paths in winter, this is because salt has a lower freezing point than water. Everyone uses salt, whether its directly or indirectly.

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The different types of salt spreaders: Which one is the best for your business?

different types of salt spreader

Spreading salt isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, but it is important. In most cases, it is a legal requirement for business owners to properly grit their land. It can also help you avoid any expensive injury claims if you ensure your business is properly maintained over the cold winter months.

Let’s look at the key facts about salt spreaders, the different types and why they are so important to a business.

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How to beat the winter freeze using ProBrine

probrine instead of standard salt

With winter around the corner, it is crucial to be prepared for the worst conditions we can face in the UK. 

Snow and ice often grind the country to a halt. Making sure you have the correct materials to deal with it can be crucial. 

We have looked at one item that we find is popular during this time of the year, probrine. It is an alternative to standard salt and has slowly become the norm for dealing with snow and ice. 

What is ProBrine?

Probrine is becoming a popular method used to reduce the impact that snow and ice have on our roads and pavements.

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The Top 5 best weather websites to check your local weather

Top 5 weather websites

Keeping up to date with the weather is arguably as important as keeping up to date with the news. Most of us will have a weather app or website saved on phones or computers. Whether these sites are accurate or useful is up for debate but, most of the time they will get the weather right, kind of.

There are lots of websites out there, and all can differ slightly in terms of what they say the weather will be like each day. To try and help you pick the best site and avoid being caught in surprise rainfall or heatwave, we have investigated the finer details of the sites and apps and ranked the best ones to use.

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Top 5 worst winters in the UK

I’m sure you have seen plenty of ‘winter is coming’ captions from companies recently but, winter is coming, and it can throw up all sorts of weather conditions and issues for the UK.

Last winter, the UK recorded its lowest temperature in two decades, combined with snowfall in some areas, which caused havoc for residents. This wasn’t enough to break into the top 5 worst winter conditions faced by the UK.

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Winter is coming…


We’ve started to see some snow fall in the North of the UK this week, along with some weather warnings and it’s got us feeling all sentimental about our first decade of keeping our loyal customers prepared for the winter weather.

Ten years of

A walk down memory lane has us all feeling very proud to have served you for the last ten years and incredibly grateful to all of our loyal customers for making that possible. We made our first ever sale just 48 hours after pushing the website live and the rest, as they say, is history.

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