Grit and grit bins 101: What you need to know

The weather in the UK has well and truly taken a turn over the past month, with the milder weather replaced by freezing cold winds. As such, we expect to see more ice and snow hitting our areas soon so being prepared for the coldest of conditions is crucial. 

With some help from our customer service and sales team, we have put together a short 101 on grit bins and grit based on questions they get asked by our customers around this time of year.  

How to store a grit bin

Storing a grit bin correctly is crucial for ensuring both the bin and grit is long-lasting. 

When in use over winter periods, you need to ensure the grit left inside your grit bin is safe from rain. If rain gets onto grit salt, it can ruin the salt and make it ineffective when used to tackle ice.

When your grit bin is out of use, the best thing to do is to store the grit bin away. By storing the grit bin out of reach of the elements, you will prevent it from being damaged, which might later save you the expense of replacing it.

How long do grit and a grit bin last?

Grit and grit bins, like anything, will last longer if they are stored correctly. 

You will often see grit stored under rain covers or in barns during the grit off-season. Grit that is stored in ways such as these can last a couple of years, even longer in some cases.

If grit is left in the open, the grit may only last months rather than years. A factor that can shorten this time is the amount of rain that falls while it is exposed to the elements.

A grit bin is no different, if stored in the right conditions, it will last several years before it needs replacing. In most circumstances, grit bins are made to be long-lasting as they often face heavy-duty, outdoor use over their lifespan.

Can anyone use a public on-street grit bin?

On certain streets, you might find a grit bin idly waiting for winter each year and wonder to yourself ‘who can use that grit bin?’ Well, the answer depends on what the person using the grit wants to use it. 

On-street grit bins are there for residents to spread grit on walkways or roads that councils don’t cover on their routes. The grit in the grit bins is not for personal or business use, anyone who uses it for such uses can be punished by the police.

If you are planning to clear land that is owned by your business, you will need to ensure you have your own supply of grit and a grit bin to avoid punishment.

What are my obligations as a business owner?

As a business owner, you need to ensure your business and land is gritted to prevent ice forming.

The first thing to do is to find out the borders of the land you own. By doing this, you are ensuring that you grit the areas that you own and are therefore responsible for. If there is a slip or fall on your land due to ice, the person can put a claim in against you. Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, occupiers of a property have a ‘common duty of care’ towards visitors. This duty can stretch to keeping areas free from ice and snow that may cause an accident.

You need to be prepared. If the weather is showing signs of snowfall or freezing temperatures, then get gritting to keep it safe for visitors. Keep regularly checking weather apps throughout the day, as the weather can change at any time.

It is also beneficial to ensure you have enough grit salt just in case there is an unexpected snowfall, and you need to quickly get out and grit.

Where to purchase grit and a grit bin? offers you the largest collection of grit bins online in the UK, so there is no better place to look for a grit bin than on our website.

We offer a special range of 48-hour delivery grit bins that can come in handy when snowy and icy conditions catch us by surprise.

As well as a vast array of grit bins, we have a wide range of grit available for you to spread. You have several options when you decide what grit you’d prefer, including brown rock salt and white rock salt. 

For your every-winter-day needs, we have the standard grit bins, which offer the ideal solution to storing grit. Most of these are popular with small businesses that need to ensure their land is gritted over winter periods.

Here are a few examples of these:

In a school, you may prefer to purchase a lockable grit bin to prevent any grit related incidents during school time. These come with small locks on the front, which will prevent children from opening the grit bin. 

Here are a few popular lockable grit bins:

We recently started offering grit bin winter packs. Each pack differs, but as a norm, you will receive a grit bin and rock salt. Some packs may also include salt spreaders, a shovel or a hi-vis vest. These offer you everything you need to fight off the winter freeze. 

If you’d like to find out more about the grit salt and grit bins we have available, please contact our sales team 01777 80213 or email