What else can I store in a grit bin?

As the winter period has ended you may think that there is no use for a grit bin, until next year of course, however there are still many ways that a grit bin can be used. Here are the ways that our winter safety equipment can be used during the warmer months of the year.

Mini Grit Bins


Although a grit bins primary use is to hold grit salt, they can be used to store other materials such as compost, gravel and slate. With the materials being enclosed and safely housed in the strong and durable polyethylene shell the materials will not get wet and therefore means that they will stay in a usable condition, no matter what the weather throws at it!

They can also be used as a garden storage box to store general garden equipment. This could include gloves, garden shears, and general small tool storage. This can be very helpful when you have items that you use on a regular basis, as it will save you going to your garden shed, or garage, as you know they will be in your handy storage box nearby. Or if you don’t have a garden shed and you would like to store some smaller items, then a grit bin is a perfect choice! It will look right at home in either the green or stone effect colours.

A mini grit bin could also be used as an outdoor shoe storage box. Maybe you have been out in the garden and you have got your shoes or wellies really muddy, and you don’t want to bring them inside, however, you don’t want to leave them outside unprotected from the elements, what do you do? Simply put them in the mini grit bin next to your door, ensuring they stay dry over night and are easily at hand next time you need them.

Grit Bins – Standard Size


Standard sized grit bins can be used for storing all of the above but due to their larger capacity they can also store larger garden tools such as spades, garden hoses, flower pots, and watering cans. The items that most people just leave out in the garden anyway, however leaving these items out in your garden can cause them to rust and corrode. Especially the items like the spades, pitch forks and rakes.

If you buy one of the much larger grit bins, like the 14 cu ft grit bin shown above, you could also store garden furniture. Deck chairs, parasols, and general items that are much larger and are usually left standing in the garden can be stored in a large grit bin. If you buy the lockable versions of these grit bins then it will also help prevent the possibility of theft.

If you have children the summer period can leave your garden littered with toys, however, if you had a grit bin you could use it as a toy storage box. With the bright colours that we have to offer, and the ability to lock the box it is a perfect choice for toy storage.

Salt Spreaders


Our spreaders are designed to be used all year round. In the winter they are used for spreading grit and salt, but in the spring, summer and autumn they can be used for the distribution of seeds and fertiliser. With variable flow rate and the ability to choose your spread pattern, distributing seeds and fertiliser couldn’t be easier! Instead of sewing the seeds by hand you could use a push along spreader which will sew the seeds much more evenly and efficiently.