Our Top 5 Snow Shovels

Based on what we have seen from past winters in the UK, it’s more than likely that we will be experiencing snow at some point during the coming months. Preparation is the key at this time of the year, and having the right equipment for the job, makes all the difference. Snow shovels are specifically designed for snow clearance as they feature wide, ridged blades and are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Here are our top 5 snow shovels from our range:

1. Small Pan Shovel


The polymer snow shovel has a reinforced T-grip, and is purpose built for clearing quantities of snow from car parks, driveways and paths. Polymer shovels are stronger than traditional wood or metal alternatives and are not susceptible to corrosion. Available for just £19.69 ex. VAT.


2. BustR Snow Shovel


The BustR snow shovel features an 18″ wide heavy duty poly blade with an extra large wear strip. Steel handle with cushion grip and D grip. Only £24.99 ex. VAT.


3. Polar Tuff Snow Plow

Polar tuff plow-320x320

The Polar Tuff 38″ snow plough is ideal for removing light, fluffy snow from your driveway or path, taking half the time and effort that a regular shovel would need. The reversible blade makes for quick one direction snow removal. Easy to use, simply flip the plow to change direction or blade angle. The polar tuff snow plow is also vinyl coated with a steel handle and cushion grip. Available for only £79.99 ex. VAT.


4. CEMO Heavy Duty Snow Shovel


The CEMO snow shovel is a corrosion proof, polymer snow shovel suitable for clearing snow from locations such as driveways, paths, car parks, playgrounds etc. The shovel is tough and durable, but also lightweight, making it easy to use. Polymer snow shovels are stronger than traditional wood or metal alternatives as they are corrosion and crack resistant. Only £49.99 ex. VAT.


5. Penguin SnoBoss Snow Shovel


The Penguin SnoBoss Snow Shovel has been built to last through even the most extreme conditions. The SnoBoss 26-in high-capacity blade, with steel wear strip, allows for the removal of more snow in less time and is constructed using only high quality resins. Together, the blade and handle provide optimal design integrity and do so with no unwanted screws, nuts, rivets, or edges. And it’s even reversible! Just turn it over, and it’s ideal for scraping tight areas, such as steps and porches. Nothing works harder, or more comfortably, to keep snow from getting in your way. Available for only £39.99 ex. VAT.