Top 5 UK Weather Forecast Websites

Although winter doesn’t officially start until 21st December, it’s already started to get much colder and the frosty mornings and evenings have returned. Going by the last few winter’s that we’ve had in the UK, there’s a greater chance than ever that the winter weather will affect our lives, so being as well informed as you can about the weather forecast in your area is very important.

This article lists our top 5 UK weather forecast sites to help you keep up to speed with the latest UK weather reports.

1: BBC Weather –

The BBC weather website is regarded as one of the best and most trustworthy websites on the web. The website has many helpful little widgets such as  ‘Add Location’ which allows you to add a few locations that you would like to know the weather for, so you could use it to put a location of where you live and where you work. The website can also show you the coldest and hottest places in the UK, which can also be helpful if you’re planning to go out on that specific day. The website also provides weather warnings allowing you to know how serious the weather is going to be.

2: The Met Office –

The Met Office are regarded as the most reliable source for weather information in the UK. Although less user friendly than the BBC weather site, is rather simple to use. You click on the map and then select the region and location and it shows the weather for that specific region, or you could just type in your postcode as a short cut. This website has a lot more information, however it gives you the information for; weather warnings, cold/hot help, cold/hot weather alerts, surface pressure charts, mountain area forecasts, severe weather advice and severe weather impacts. You can also view a day by day write up of what the weather will be like in the morning, midday and night.

3: Weather Spark –

Weather Spark is a brilliant website with some of the best information on the web, that goes into great detail about the weather. However, all the information can be quite daunting at times with all the graphs and charts that are all fully interactive. The website also provides many averages such as; the highest/lowest temperatures over the year, the fraction of time spent in various temperature bands, daylight and twilight, clouds, cloud types, dew points, wind speeds, and many more, it’s very in depth. If this all seems too much, you can just view a normal forecast. Non of this information will be brought up however until you type in your location which can be done in a variety of ways, but I prefer to just type in my post code.

4: Accuweather –

Accuweather is a website that has information in the weather in a short easy to see table with the titles Today, Tonight and Tomorrow. The table has a great design to it, with the pictures of the weather being illustrated well. You can also view a weather forecast video which is made for your specific area. You can also view an interactive map of your area. However, it can be hard to navigate due to the constant ads that pop up on this web page. This website also allows you to search for your postcode to get the weather you want to know. You can also create an account that will allow you to login and all the details you need, will be there to view.

5: UK Weather –

This website, just like the rest, allows you to search with your postcode to get the weather that you care about the most. Once on the page for your area, you can see a daily forecast, an hourly forecast and a monthly forecast. You can also view an interactive map with colours dotted all over showing what will fall on the UK today. With a helpful colour chart beneath showing what the colours mean. The climate can also be viewed on this webpage, along with the travel and health tips concurrent with the weather. A little weather box will also be saved at the top of the page showing a picture of the weather, such as a cloud with a sun behind it, the temperature and where this weather is forecast.