Council Grit Bins in the UK – How Many ?

In the UK Councils and Highways agencies have an obligation to ensure that the road networks within their individual designated areas are kept safe and as clear from snow and Ice as possible. Each Council will carry out Grit Bin Assessments to decide where to strategically position Grit Bins within their areas, throughout the UK there are tens of thousands of Grit Bins in use, below is a snap shot detailing the amount of Grit Bins in current use by a number of major councils throughout the country:

Newcastle: 500

Hull: 264

Dundee: 750

Edinburgh: 1700

Glasgow: 1000

Leeds: 945

Sunderland: 268

Hampshire: 3000

Bristol: 600

Oldham: 647

Wolverhampton: 140

Cumbria: 9500

Northumberland: 1500

Surrey: 1743

Brighton: 400

Birmingham: 1060

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