Council Grit Bin Assessments

Throughout the UK, Councils carry out assessments to decide the locations of where grit bins are to be placed within their jurisdictions. These assessments are known commonly as Grit Bin Assessments. Careful consideration is given to the placement of the bins to ensure the maximum benefit is gained. Some of the criteria used in this assessment can be found below:

  • A gradient of 10% or greater
  • A severe bend
  • Heavy volume of traffic in rush hour
  • A large number of disabled or elderly people
  • Junctions: Usually where a minor road meets a busy major road
  • The amount of premises where the road is the only access

Other criteria can be taken into consideration:

  • Grit bins may not be placed where they could attract anti-social behaviour or on an unadopted highway.
  • Members of the public can request the council to consider providing a grit bin at a suggested location, most councils prefer to receive these requests from groups rather than individuals but if the request is reasonable then this could hopefully lead to the council carrying out a Grit Bin Assessment of the location.