Winter World Records

  • The snowiest place on earth is a place called Paradise which is located in The Mount Rainier National Park in Washington USA. In the Winter of 1971 -2 over 93.5 feet or 28.5 meters of snow fell setting a world record for that year.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded on the surface of the earth was – 89.2 centigrade at the Russian Vostok Station in Antartica on the 21st of July 1983.
  • The world record for the most snow to fall in 1 year is held by Mount Baker in Washington State USA, in the winter of 1998-99 over 95 feet or 29 Meters of snowfall was recorded.
  • The largest snowflake ever recorded was found at Fort Keogh, Montana, USA on January 28th 1887, it was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.
  • The Thickest Ice ever recorded is to be foundĀ at Wilkes Land in Antartica, the ice reaches a depth of 15,669 feet or 4776 meters.
  • The height of theĀ tallest iceberg ever recorded was 550 feet and was found in the North Atlantic.
  • The largest Iceberg ever recored was found off the coast of Antartica in March 2000, known as Iceberg B15 and measured 183 miles in length and 23 miles wide or 295 Kilometers in length and 37 Kilometers wide and was larger than the island of Jamaica.