Preparing Your Car For Winter

It is important with the onset of Winter that you prepare your car for the cold weather. Here are our tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for the ensuing snow and ice:

  • Ensure you have your car regularly serviced. An ideal time would be in Autumn, just befor the onset of Winter.
  • Check your brake system is in good working order, this is paramount in Winter.
  • Ensure your tyres have adequate tread, if you need to replace them, do so, even if the tread is above the legal required limit allowed. This will provide you with the performance you need to tackle the harsh weather. The better the tread, the better the grip on snow and ice. We would also recommend fitting Winter specific tyres, as they provide superior performance in cold weather conditions.
  • Check the battery and ensure it is in good working order.
  • Check all lights and ensure they are working correctly, especially the hazard warning lights.
  • Check windscreen wipers and replace if need be.
  • Check the screen wash is not blocked and working correctly, add anti-freeze to the screen wash bottle.
  • Ensure all ventilation and heating systems are in working order to minimise misting on the windows.
  • Rock salt spread on roads during winter can be corrosive and can damage the cars paintwork. Ensure you wash and clean off the rock salt on the more vunerable parts of your car on a regualer basis.

Whenever driving in Winter weather, you must be prepared for the unexpected. To ensure both the safety of yourself and other road users, it is advisable to carry out a quick visual check on your vehicle before every journey throughout the season.