Winter Weather Set To Be Colder Than Last Year’s

Brits are bracing themselves for a bitter winter after temperatures plummeted this weekend.

The cooling weather is forecast to get even colder over the next few weeks after sub-zero temperatures blew into parts of the UK.

The Guardian revealed freezing temperatures are expected to continue in England and Wales and health warnings have been issued in light of the forthcoming freeze. Continue reading… “Winter Weather Set To Be Colder Than Last Year’s”

Salt Mines From Around The World

Most people think salt is simply to add flavour to meals and to be used as a food preservative. However, only 6% of all salt manufactured goes into food. We use salt in over 14,000 different ways from making products such as paper, plastic, glass, polyester and rubber to household soap, bleach, dyes and detergents. Another common use of salt is to treat icy roads and paths in winter, this is because salt has a lower freezing point than water. Everyone uses salt, whether its directly or indirectly. Continue reading… “Salt Mines From Around The World”