Top 5 UK Weather Forecast Websites

Although winter doesn’t officially start until 21st December, it’s already started to get much colder and the frosty mornings and evenings have returned. Going by the last few winter’s that we’ve had in the UK, there’s a greater chance than ever that the winter weather will affect our lives, so being as well informed as you can about the weather forecast in your area is very important.

This article lists our top 5 UK weather forecast sites to help you keep up to speed with the latest UK weather reports. Continue reading… “Top 5 UK Weather Forecast Websites”

Winter Weather in the UK – A Look Back Over the Past 3 Years

Here in the UK we are no strangers to snow, but yet every year we always underestimate how much we’re going to get, leaving us to struggle once the snow piles up on the roads and thus grinding the UK to a halt! We need to prepare before the winter weather actually arrives, so here’s a reminder of what the past 3 winters in the UK have brought us. Continue reading… “Winter Weather in the UK – A Look Back Over the Past 3 Years”

Council Grit Bins in the UK – How Many ?

In the UK Councils and Highways agencies have an obligation to ensure that the road networks within their individual designated areas are kept safe and as clear from snow and Ice as possible. Each Council will carry out Grit Bin Assessments to decide where to strategically position Grit Bins within their areas, throughout the UK there are tens of thousands of Grit Bins in use, below is a snap shot detailing the amount of Grit Bins in current use by a number of major councils throughout the country: Continue reading… “Council Grit Bins in the UK – How Many ?”

Heavy Snow Hits Scotland

The first of the heavy snow hit Scotland on Monday 5th December with the worst effected areas being Central Scotland, The Highlands and South Lanarkshire. The M37 in Glasgow was closed southbound at Junction 2 with heavy snow also reported on the M74 at Lesmahagow.

In Sterlingshire the A82 between Tyndrum and Sterling was also partially blocked because of ice and snow. The Scottish Minister for Transport Keith Brown stated a fleet of over 130 Gritting wagons had been out from the early hours spreading rock salt. In total 3,000 tonnes of rock salt has been spread.

Council Gritting Teams – First Gritting of Winter

With the first of the cold weather creeping in, councils around the country have begun gritting the road networks. Below are reports from around the UK:

Devon County Council

Only specific areas and higher ground have been treated over the last few weeks because of milder temperatures but all areas are expected to be below freezing over the coming weekend. 3,000 grit bins across the county have been re-filled and 220 Parish Councils and Town Councils have signed up to the Snow Warden scheme with volunteers ready to help clearing snow and ice and treating paths and pavements with rock salt. Continue reading… “Council Gritting Teams – First Gritting of Winter”

Councils plead to halt theft of rock salt

As we approach Winter, councils throughout the country are appealing to thieves to stop stealing rock salt from the public.

During the severe winter of 2010 councils throughout the country reported theft not only of rock salt but also the grit bins that contain the salt. Thieves have been stealing the salt and selling it back the the public. Below are a number of reports from various councils:

Continue reading… “Councils plead to halt theft of rock salt”

UK Winter Statistics

Here are a few UK Winter statistics:

  • There are 3000 gritting lorries in the UK.
  • Each council spread an average of 3,900 tonnes of grit salt in 2010.
  • 1.4 million tonnes of grit salt is expected to be stockpiled in the UK for Winter 2011.
  • In the UK we get on average 33 days of snow or sleet fall per annum.
  • The snowiest place in the UK is Banffshire in Scotland which on average experiences 63.8 days of snow or sleet per annum.
  • The least snowiest place in the UK is Cornwall which as an average of only 10.2 days of snow and sleet per annum.
  • Only 3% of vehicles in the UK are fitted with winter tyres compared tp 10 % in Holland and 50% in Germany.
  • 600 accidents involving heavy goods lorries in 2010 were directly caused by snow and ice.
  • On Friday the 17th December 2010, 2000 schools throughout the UK were closed due to the Winter weather. On the same day the AA reported call outs of 1500 per hour.
  • In 2009 the UK insurance industry paid out £644 million to businesses and homeowners for water causing damage due to burst pipes.