Our Range Of Grit Bin Winter Packs

Our range of winter packs is a great idea, as they contain all you need to keep the areas around your home or premises, snow and ice free this coming winter.  They are the ideal solution to keep both your home and business safe. Every pack includes a grit bin and grit salt but some packs also include a scoop or shovel, a high visibility vest or gloves. These packs are great value for money!

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New Product : Winter Wizard Forklift Truck Salt Spreader

We have recently launched the Winter Wizard Forklift Truck Salt Spreader, which is a brand new product for the 2013/2014 winter season.

The Winter Wizard is a hydraulically driven salt spreader/gritter for use with forklift trucks due to the conveniently placed fork pockets which allows attachment to the front end of a forklift truck or fork lift tines in a safe and effective manner. The fork pockets also have heel pins for a safe way of mounting the Winter Wizard. Continue reading… “New Product : Winter Wizard Forklift Truck Salt Spreader”