Winter is coming…

We’ve started to see some snow fall in the North of the UK this week, along with some weather warnings and it’s got us feeling all sentimental about our first decade of keeping our loyal customers prepared for the winter weather.

Ten years of

A walk down memory lane has us all feeling very proud to have served you for the last ten years and incredibly grateful to all of our loyal customers for making that possible. We made our first ever sale just 48 hours after pushing the website live and the rest, as they say, is history.

In our decade of experience we’ve gone from a team of two, to employing more than 20 full time staff. We started off with a few desks and some rented office space, while pondering over how many different grit bins to offer, and ten years later find ourselves with a dedicated sales, marketing, web development and operations teams, our own warehouse and brand new offices.

How do we stay busy in Summer?

Over the years we’ve spent the warmer seasons perfecting our range so that we’re only offering you the best products available. When the seasons get warmer we spend time focusing on range reviews but, thanks to a combination of regular new product additions and the variable UK weather, we sell things through all year round so we’re yet to have a quiet day!

The warmer months also allow us to spend time working closely with manufacturer’s, sharing your feedback to improve and redesign products. From redesigning grit bin lids to make them last longer, to providing budget and environmentally friendly alternative products, like our recycled plastics range of grit bins.

A word from our MD

“ was the start of it all for us. I think there’s been two fundamental factors in our success over the last ten years.

“Firstly, the time and effort invested into building relationships with our suppliers. From the basics, like paying on time, to spending time building relationships and regular communication. We’ve stayed passionate about investing our time and energy into our partners and supply chain because we believe it makes us great to deal with.

“And secondly, finding the right people for our own team and making sure they stick with us. One of the most important things we’ve found is choosing the right people to work with us. The people who fit nicely into the team, who share our passion and who work hard.

“In turn we’ve worked hard to make sure we had it right, and we’ve been very grateful to our customers who come back to us year after year.” – Glyn Wickens, Managing Director.

A look back…

We’ve seen winters that brought the country to halt (here’s looking at you 2010!) and ones that lasted just long enough to dust off the sledge for a couple of runs before hastily storing it back in the depths of the garage for another year.

The weather might be consistently inconsistent but we hope the last ten years  has shown that you can always rely on to help you prepare for the cold snap.

Our MD’s recommendations