Snow & Wind Batters UK After Weeks Of Mild Temperatures

Just when the weather became a little milder and temperatures began creeping up again, the UK was hit with another blast of winter weather.

Trees have been uprooted, traffic piled up and schools have been forced to close as the weather took a nosedive this week. The Met Office has issued multiple weather warnings over the past few days in a bid to keep the public safe from the severe weather.

The warnings are currently in place until the weekend.

The Met Office issued warnings for power cuts & travel delays

The weather became so violent that the Met Office had to upgrade their original weather warning from yellow to amber in some areas of the UK.

The snow and gales caused such disruption that dozens of motorists were stranded on the M74 for up to 11 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday. For entertainment, some drivers even left their cars to build snowmen.

The hashtag #windy took a spot in Twitter’s top trends as users began documenting the various effects of the wind.

The BBC took advantage of the trending # to report the latest news

The NHS used Twitter & the trending hashtag to warn the health risks of windy weather

The severe weather did bring with it some positive news however as Britain set a new national record for wind power production. Experts claim the UK is “poised to lead its peers in wind generation”.

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