UK To Expect Worst Winter In 5 Years

Thermometer Drops Into Minus Figures

Across the media, several recent reports are focusing on the upcoming winter weather that is expected to surpass the freezing temperatures of the last five years.

The Nottingham Post revealed that experts are predicting temperatures to quickly plummet into minus figures with winds from the North Pole sending the thermometer readings as low as -11°C. The Mirror reports that the upcoming frost and ice is feared to cause travel chaos and went as far as to predict the worst winter for over a decade!

The Mirror predicts worst winter for over 10 years

The LadBible reported that the Scottish Highlands has already seen snowfall this season and advised we all “batten down the hatches as a cold snap is expected to make life much, much colder.”

A Met Office spokesperson has also claimed that the threat of snow and ice will be much higher this winter, with southern places such as London feeling the frost.

Plummeting temperatures have already had people reaching for the ice-scrapers

Media outlets aren’t the only ones noticing the cooling weather: #frosty has trended twice on Twitter in the past week as many of us took to the social media platform to share pictures, opinions and advice on the icy weather.

The NHS issues health advice via its Twitter account in wake of the #frosty weather

A White Christmas May Be On The Cards This Year

Bookies have “slashed” the odds of a white Christmas to 2/1, as reported by The Sun, which also states that Arctic air will bring “widespread snow and ice” just in time for Christmas.

Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company, predicts Brits should brace themselves for the coldest weather since the bitter cold snap of 2012-13, in which most of the UK saw “widespread snowfall”.

People tweeted photos of the #frosty weather

If you’re giddy for a white Christmas or hoping for milder weather, ice and frost are inevitable during the winter months so remember to wrap up warm, crack out the woolly socks and fire up the log burner. 🧣🧤

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