15 Facts About The Ski & Snowboard Industry

According to ABTA, over 12 million UK residents take a winter holiday – of which 18% is a skiing or snowboarding holiday, which is up 8% in the past 3 years. These winter holidays account for 1 third of the yearly travel industry in the UK. Here are a few key facts about this industry;

  1. Global winter snow resorts generate an annual revenue of $3billion – This has grown by 2.5% since 2009.
  2. Worldwide ski resorts receive 400 million visitors per year – this dipped to 300 million visitors in the 2006-2007 but has grown again.
  3. Over 150 million of these visitors are to the Alps alone.
  4. The most popular ski resort is La Plagne in the French Alps which has received an average of 2.5 million visitors in the last few winter seasons.
  5. There are around 80 countries around the globe where skiing is a possible activity.
  6. 70 of these countries offer outdoor ski areas; the others offering real-snow indoor facilities.
  7. In these 80 countries, there are over 2,000 resorts – 36% of these are based in the Alps.
  8. Of these 2,000 resorts, there are 47 which are classed as major resorts (generate more than 1 million visitors per winter season).
  9. 83% of major resorts are located in the Alps (39 resorts).
  10. Indoor snow centres came about in the 1920’s in Berlin & Vienna and they now generate on average 17.2 million visits per year.

UK Ski & Snowboard Industry


  1. There are 10 Ski areas within the UK.
  2. 6 of these are real-snow indoor ski centres.
  3. The longest running real-snow indoor centre is Tamworth Snowdome which opened in 1993.
  4. Of the 17.2 million visits that indoor snow centres generate; 1.6 million are generated within in the UK – the third largest to Germany and the Netherlands.
  5. The outdoor ski resorts generate almost 5 million national visits per year.