Are You Ready For Winter?

October was one of the mildest on record, but November is set to plummet as forecasters have warned this winter could be particularly harsh with sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow set to stay with us for months! We’ve gone from being hotter than Spain to colder than Sweden in just a few days according to The Express.

Experts have warned that most of us will not be prepared for the sudden onset of severe cold weather. We should be preparing for a freezing winter says The Mirror where scientists are predicting record low temperatures, icy gales and Arctic blizzards that could cripple the country!

Many of you reading this will be thinking that it will be the same as every year where the papers exaggerate what really is going to happen. But, here is the reason behind why it might just happen this year. Weather experts claim to have studied air flows in the upper atmosphere and say a jet stream that usually holds extreme weather over the North Pole is weak this year.