Selling Grit Bins – Piece Of Cake!

To celebrate the end of another successful winter season here at, we thought everyone deserved a treat!

We love a slice of cake (or two!) in our office, so a group of us clubbed together and specially commissioned a local baker to make us a grit bin cake!

We contacted a local cake designer and after much discussion, and convincing that we were in fact serious, we came to the final design which included the grit bin shaped cake, green icing for the grass and to add that extra level of authenticity, crushed biscuit crumbs to look like grit!

So here’s the finished product, doesn’t it look great?! Admittedly, we slightly underestimated the dimensions, it’s huge and not far off the same size as one of our actual grit bins!

The most important part of any cake though, is in the eating and we can confirm it tastes great!

Thanks to our cake designer, Sarah, for a job well done.