How To Use Our Live Chat System

Information is key when purchasing products from an online retailer, whether it be sourced over the phone or by email. We took this into account and have recently introduced a live chat system, allowing our customers to contact our dedicated team directly and instantly. They are on hand Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm to provide product advice and technical support for our range of products.

We’ve put together this brief guide on how to use the live chat system.

How To Use Our Live Chat System

Using our live chat system is really easy, it’s simple and quick to start a conversation with one of our live chat operatives.

When you visit our website, the live chat system will appear in the bottom right hand corner, click Chat with us or start typing your first question/query into the text box. Then enter your name and email address (this is optional) and select Start chatting.

This will then alert a member of our team to join the conversation and you will receive a response within a matter of seconds.

Benefits Of Using Our Live Chat System

If you need a response to your question as quickly as possible, this is where live chat works really well. Our live chat team aim to respond to initial enquiries within a minute and if further information is required, they will assist any customer as much as they can. Live chat conversations leave you free to work on other tasks, without the need to be put on hold if calling with a specific question.

With our live chat system, we have the facility to store a copy of your conversation with us which can be used as a reference tool for any future contact with us. Also, we can easily share documents, files, and links with our customers to assist with their enquiry.

What Information Can Be Supplied Through Live Chat

Our current and potential customers can ask any questions that would normally be asked over the phone or via email. For example, we can provide guidance on product specifications, provide advice on installation methods and suggest products which would be best suited to your requirements and situation. As long as it is related to our products and services, we’re here to help!

Live chat is a great way of getting an instant response for any questions that you may have, however we are also available via phone or email to help with your enquiries.