New Product : Winter Wizard Forklift Truck Salt Spreader

We have recently launched the Winter Wizard Forklift Truck Salt Spreader, which is a brand new product for the 2013/2014 winter season.

The Winter Wizard is a hydraulically driven salt spreader/gritter for use with forklift trucks due to the conveniently placed fork pockets which allows attachment to the front end of a forklift truck or fork lift tines in a safe and effective manner. The fork pockets also have heel pins for a safe way of mounting the Winter Wizard.

This product stands out from the rest, as it is suitable for all types of salt wet or dry, brown or white. With a standard manual salt spreader, “clumping” of the salt is common but the Winter Wizard is fitted with a vale Pozi Feed Auger system which drastically reduces the “clumping” issue.

The Winter Wizard has a 0.20m³ mild steel hopper which allows the product to hold up to 250kg of salt. The user of this product is able to adjust the spreading width from anywhere between 1.3m to around 9m (dependant on the material) due to there being a hydraulically driven stainless steel disk within the Winter Wizard. The spreading action is controlled by activation and de-activation of the forklift truck service valves.

There is a flat mesh top which is complete with an easy access hatch and stainless steel fasteners are also used where possible. All metal work on the Winter Wizard has been blast cleaned prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in polyester powder coat. This product is also finished off with fluorescent markings on the side and front mounted black chevrons.

This product is available at the price of £3,495.00 + VAT (FREE Delivery) and more information and pictures can be found here:

A video for this product is also available below: