Household Grit Bins – Easier Than Ever

Grit bins are now much easier to obtain for the average homeowner, as there is a larger range of designs and sizes to suit all budgets. Previously grit bins were only ever available for councils and trade customers, however now the general public is able to buy them easily online.

Here at we offer a whole range of grit bins for the home, some of which come with a scoop and a bag of salt, what more could you ask for?! Different colours I hear you say, well due to the fact there is a wider range of colour options available now, it means that you can get a colour that is less likely to stand out in your garden or next to your home. We have colours that will blend in with the brickwork of your house and colours to blend in with the surroundings of your garden.


This grit bin, for example, is a standard sized grit bin that will fit easily into most corners of the garden or in the areas around your house. Constructed of durable UV resistant polyethylene, it is also available in 7 different colours. For no extra charge! This 2 cubic foot grit bin can even be made to look attractive in the garden with the sandstone and stone effect colours.

60 Litre Bin-650x650

Or the newer, more innovative, New 60 Litre Grit Bin. This grit bin is available in three different colours. The three colours that are available are green, yellow, and grey. Added to these options you can also have an optional fitted hasp and staple to install a padlock. Personalised text can also be added to this bin upon request.


This grit bin, the JSP recycled black 1.75 cubic foot grit bin, is another great choice for any home owner. This grit bin is compact and versatile making it ideal to go around the garden or outer area surrounding the house. This grit bin comes with an optimised angled lid to minimise the amount of snow and ice settling on the top of the grit bin.

mini grit bin with salt and scoop cut out-320x320

Or if you’re looking for something even smaller, the 30-litre plastic mini grit container would be a fantastic option for you as it is one of the smallest in our whole home grit bin range. This grit bin comes complete with 25 kg of rock salt and a small scoop, which is ideal for gritting your driveway and paths. The bin is manufactured from tough, durable, recycled polymer, however, due to the presence of recycled material; costs are able to be kept down.

If you want to check out our full range of grit bins for the home then follow this link: Domestic / Home Grit Bins.