Winter Weather in the UK – A Look Back Over the Past 3 Years

Here in the UK we are no strangers to snow, but yet every year we always underestimate how much we’re going to get, leaving us to struggle once the snow piles up on the roads and thus grinding the UK to a halt! We need to prepare before the winter weather actually arrives, so here’s a reminder of what the past 3 winters in the UK have brought us.

In the last few months of 2009 we had, what the media referred to as, the ‘Big Freeze’. This was because we had our first snowfall on 17 December 2009, the snow stopped for a short period over Christmas, although there was still ice and snow on the ground and then, it began to snow again in the New Year of January 2010. The snow spread throughout the whole of the country from the 6th to the 7th of January, forming a blanket of snow across Britain. The weather from this ‘Big Freeze’ brought with it, school closures, power failures, transport disruption, the cancelation of sporting events and unfortunately 25 deaths. This winter was the coldest winter since 1978-79.

Then in the winter season of 2010- 2011, the weather became unusually cold in Europe in November due to a cold weather cycle that was formed from Scandinavia. The winter season came early and this caused many problems for the UK, as the population were not expecting the sudden drop in temperature so early on. The black ice that was caused by this sudden drop caused many road collisions.

However, in the winter of 2011 – 2012, the weather pattern changed from the previous years and the really cold, snowy weather came in early February.

The 2012 – 2013 winter gave us the wettest December we’ve had since 1999, January had a lot of late snow, which then thawed out, which combined with the rain caused localised flooding. Snow was then seen again in February, but was rather short lived.

It probably comes as no surprise that our winter weather is rather unpredictable and for the impending winter season we can only try to prepare ourselves in advance for any eventuality. Stay safe out there!