Freak Snowstorms around the World

Throughout the world countries with tropical climates experience snow very rarely, but from time to time the unexpected happens, here’s a few stories from around the globe:

Algeria – 23rd April 2012

Several regions in Algeria were battered by storms and 25 centimetres of snow fell in Setif, a town approximately 300 Kilometres east of Algeria.

Israel – 2nd March 2012

Snow fell on Jerusalem causing schools throughout the city to close for the day.

Egypt – 12th December 2010

After a month long draught the country was battered by storms bringing snow and hail causing the deaths of at least three people.

Kenya – 5th September 2008

A huge storm fell on the town of Basara covering an area of over 30 Acres. Even 12 hours after the storm the area was covered in a sheet of snow despite the tropical heat.

The United Emirates – 30 December 2004

The United Emirates, usually known for its summer heat of 50 Degrees Centigrade experienced the first snowfall in living memory after temperatures dipped as low as – 5 Degrees Centigrade.

South Africa – July 9th 1996

Seven of the country’s nine provinces received a coating of snow with at least three people dead and hundreds of travellers stranded.