Highways Agency investigates alternatives to traditional Rock Salt

The Highways Agency has recently run trials with alternative de-icing salts coated with Agricultural By Products in a drive to reduce environmental impact and overall costs in the gritting of roads throughout the UK.

The trials were carried out on parts of the A1 Motorway and the performance of the Salt was measured using the following indicators:

• The performance of the Agricultural By Product Salt in the prevention and formation of Ice.
• The effect of the product on the watercourse
•  Reduced spread of the Salt with the same effectiveness as Conventional Rock Salt

So far the trials have proved inconclusive and the Highways Agency is considering further trials of the product. If successfull then we could potentially see in the future conventional Rock Salt being replaced by what is termed ABP treated Salt. This would hopefully amount to large savings if reduced spread rates can be achieved by using ABP treated Salt instead of conventional Brown Rock Salt.