Freak Weather Hits North East America in October

In October a freak snowstorm hit the North East region of the USA.

The snowstorm broke all records for snowfall in October in the region. In one weekend 32 inches of snow fell, knocking power out to an estimated 3 million homes and businesses and with 11 people reportedly killed. In Massachusetts 68 centimetres fell and a state of emergency was declared in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled and traffic in many areas was brought to a standstill. Many trees were brought down under the weight of the snow with an estimated loss of over 100 trees in Central Park, New York City alone.

In Connecticut one person died due to a traffic accident caused by the weather. In Pennsylvania an 84 year old man was killed when a snow laden tree fell on his home and in Massachusetts a 20 year old man was killed when he stepped on a downed power line.

The severity of the storm was quite unexpected causing chaos in many areas on the busy Halloween weekend.